1. Singing Up Country
    Kutcha Edwards

  2. Identity
    Black Rock Band

  3. If It Was Me
    Black Rock Band

  4. Didedikasikan

  5. Black Butterfly

  6. Red Black and Yellow
    Black Rock Band

  7. The Kulila Project
    Frank Yamma

  8. Tjukurpa: The Story
    Frank Yamma

  9. Nēvēnek: Ground Music from Torba Province, Vanuatu
    Musicians of Torba Province, Vanuatu

  10. We Have Come To Testify
    Various Artists

  11. Taoba

  12. The Big Exhale
    Farhad Bandesh

  13. The Merger Original Soundtrack
    David Bridie and Various Artists

  14. Milyakburra
    Emily Wurramara

  15. Tabaran
    Not Drowning, Waving and the Musicians of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea ft Telek

  16. Through The One Last Door
    Not Drowing, Waving

  17. Struggle
    Black Rock Band

  18. Vanuatu Women's Water Music
    Vanuatu Women's Water Music

  19. Struggle
    Black Rock Band

  20. Ngarrikwujeyinama
    Emily Wurramara

  21. Bininj Kunborrk
    Black Rock Band

  22. Song For Elijah (Wrap Our Arms Around You)
    Various Artists

  23. Flee From War (Our Rights)
    Farhad Bandesh

  24. Maubere Timor
    Maubere Timor

  25. Motomse
    Sambra Aikit

  26. Are'Are'
    Charles Maimarosia

  27. a Bit na Ta
    A Bit Na Ta

  28. Nganyerre

  29. Black Smoke
    Emily Wurramara

  30. Putuparri and the Rainmakers
    David Bridie and Various Artists

  31. Tio EP

  32. Celebration of a Legend
    George Telek

  33. Yamani - Voices of an Ancient Land
    Queensland Indigenous Languages Advisory Committee

  34. Cause 'N Affect
    Radical Son

  35. Uncle
    Frank Yamma

  36. The Circuit
    Original Soundtrack

  37. RAN Remote Area Nurse
    Original Soundtrack

  38. Matogo
    George Telek

  39. Countryman
    Frank Yamma

  40. Bibirosi
    William Takaku & Pidia Kaur Group

  41. Lamentations

  42. Inagwe
    Richard Mogu

  43. Satellite Boy Original Soundtrack
    David Bridie and Jida Gulpilil

  44. Weapon of Choice

  45. The Straits Original Soundtrack
    David Bridie featuring Various Artists

  46. Strange Birds in Paradise: Soundtrack

  47. Wantok Vol. 1 - Sounds of Australasia & Melanesia

  48. Akave
    George Telek

  49. West Papua : Spirit of Mambesak

  50. Amette
    George Telek


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Wantok Musik aims to generate and foster various cultural exchanges between Australia and our neighbours throughout Oceania by establishing a leading, not-for-profit Music Label representing Indigenous and world music groups of this unique region.

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